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Welcome to Musclegion. So, you are looking for a body transformation? Maybe you want to change from skinny to huge or from fat to ripped. Some people start off with little more than skin and bones and still look like boys even in their twenties or beyond. Others again, are just overweight and have come to the realization that they need to change in order to not put their health at risk.

No matter what the reason behind your desire to grow muscle may be, Musclegion is the right place for you. Keep reading to discover 3 essential tips that will help you to succeed.

There are many questions when it comes to gaining muscle. How much muscle can you build naturally? How fast can I build muscle without putting my health at risk? Let’s get started:

There are 3 key area to focus on in order to build muscle.

1 Eat more calories than your body burns

Your body is burning energy and in order to gain muscle we need to supply your body with the necessary energy. A rule of thumb is twenty times your bodyweight equals the total daily calories. But this is only a starting point and you may have to add to that number depending on whether you actually gain any weight. Keep a close look at how your weight is developing.

Eat six meals per day instead of the normal three meals. Your body needs a constant supply of energy in order to stay in the anabolic muscle building state that allows you to build lean muscle mass. When your stomach is empty and you have no more fuel, it will be impossible to build noticeable muscle.

The next thing we look at in this Musclegion article is weight lifting.

2 Lift heavy weights

In order to activate the most possible muscle fibres you need to lift heavy weights regularly. Work in a 2-10 rep range in order to get bigger. Also, keep your workouts under 60 minutes. This ensures that you will not overtrain or release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol will cause your body to break down aka ‘burn’ muscle fibre if you don’t start to put food into your stomach.

The third and final point in this Musclegion bodybuilding post is resting.

3 Get enough rest for your muscle

You have to allow your body to rest in order to build muscle tissue. An important part is to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Otherwise your physical performance will decrease and your hormonal balance will be destabilized. Both will harm your goal build muscle. Don’t train the same muscle two days in a row, allow your body 48 hours to rest.

Musclegion hopes that you found these 3 tips helpful. Please check our sponsor’s offer in order to get a step-by-step plan on how to grow you muscle faster.

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